MLG Anaheim is open for Registration

MLG Anaheim, known best for its Call of Duty and StarCraft II tournaments has put aside a whopping $15,000 worth of prizes for their Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament, placing Smash back on one of the biggest eSports platforms in the West.

smash compete

Smash is a welcome return to the MLG roster, and this time; it’s fully approved by Nintendo, meaning the tournament has official clearance to be streamed, for the first time ever. This will be a great warm up for EVO 2014, which has also regained its Smash status.

A 1024 player open bracket has been set up for MLG Anaheim, and a 20 player championship bracket running from June 20th to June 22nd.


Early bird passes have gone up for sale today, with the competitor passes costs $55 for Smash, ramping up, over the next few months, to $125 on the door, so make sure you get in early.

Also on offer are spectator passes at $40 and VIP spectator passes at $250.

VIP grants you early entry, bar/lounge access, reserved seating, free promo gear and a meet and greet with the players.

With Nintendo being so stringent towards their social gamers; from competitive fighters, to streamers and youtubers, this is a great opportunity to show them the benefits of supporting their community.

Show your support and get involved!

Passes can be purchased via the official MLG store.


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